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Our new PS4 Jailbreak that allows you to get CFW

Do you have the desire to own a PlayStation? Have been thinking of owning a PlayStation only to be put off by the great costs that come along? Do you own one and you feel like it’s a liability? Do you feel short-changed? Well, if this is the case worry no more. We have the solution to your problem. Playing PS3/ PS4 no longer has to cost an arm and a leg. The game no longer has to be viewed as a rich man’s game. No. You can have it too. How? You ask. Well, the answer is jailbreaking. You see, with jailbreaking, you can be able to play all your favourite games beyond the recommended ones. This means that you do not have to pay every other time to enjoy your games.

At http://jailbreakz.com/ we make jailbreaking as easy as it can get. We will enable you to successfully jailbreak ps3 as well as ps4. What’s more, the jailbreak will be done in such a way that you are safe. This way, you never have to be afraid of being caught.
Additionally, jailbreaking gives you numerous advantages as listed below.

PS4 Jailbreak


The Advantages of CFW and why you should Jailbreak PS3 or PS4

• Ability to play MKV videos
Ps4 jailbreak gives you the ability to watch movies in the MKV format. MKV is the best video format and PlayStation does not support. With a ps3 jailbreak, you can use showtime, an app used for playing 1080p HD videos.

• Backup games
When you jailbreak Ps3 and Ps4, you have the ability to back up games. This means that you do not have to carry the disks every other time. The stored games are safe, they load faster and you do not have to contend with a noisy optical drive.

• Game cheats
Want to try the game hacks that you have read about? Well, a Ps4 and ps3 jail break gives you that ability. You can easily apply the cheat codes and any other mods to the games. This further adds to your gaming experience like no other.

• Pirated games
There are thousands of games on the internet. Unfortunately, Ps3 and Ps4 limit the games you can play. This is not the case when you jailbreak Ps3 or Ps4. Pirated games give you an opportunity to sample different games and download the ones that you like.

• Run other software and applications.
This is another major reason to jailbreak ps3. When you jailbreak your PlayStation, you can explore other software. These different programs can help you improve your PlayStation. There are many people for example, who have installed Ubuntu to their Ps3 jailbreak. You also have access to a larger collection of games on homebrew.

If you are looking for more than just the same old games that you actually have to pay for, then jailbreaking is the way. From the above it is clear that the advantages of Ps3/ps4 jailbreak cannot be overemphasised.

You no longer have to second guess yourself or install software that you are not too sure about. Talk to us and get this unbelievable deal and get yourself a customised CFW in very simple steps. Then sit back and have fun!



We no longer only support a jailbreak for the PS3. Utilize our brand new PS4 Jailbreak now!

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