Why Jailbreak?

Why you should Jailbreak your PlayStation

The opportunity to jailbreak your PS3 or PS4 is not one to miss. There are plenty of features that are only available to those that use our application. It enables a lot of freedom that wouldn’t be possible with a basic system in use. We believe that there are many advantages that come along with jailbreaking your systems. We have developed software that will make your PlayStation work better than ever. With many more features, smoother performance and free games. There isn’t much reason to turn down this opportunity as it’s all free of charge.

You will gain access to many cheat codes. Modifying games in a way that weren’t possible before to give you an advantage. You can apply the codes to any game with ease. These codes can add to the experience by maximizing the potential of any game you own.

You can backup your games completely, meaning no more use for discs. The advantages are plenty, with much faster load times even than regular digital downloads. The noise from the disc drive is completely eliminated on top of this. All your saves will be safe, along with the games themselves stored in a convenient file. More speed gives you that extra precious gaming time. The convenience of lowered loading times is a huge deal for anyone. The removal of noise is an added bonus.

Pirated games is one of the bigger plus points from a jailbreak. You can download any game you please, which can save you a lot of money. Not only this but it gives you the chance to test a game you’re interested in. Instead of a short demo, you can work with the full game to see if you like it. We think that pirating alone is enough to make using this jailbreak worthwhile. With the prices of games out there and lack of good demo’s, it’s a super feature. No longer will you regret buying a new game to find out it’s terrible. The fear of hating that game you had your eye on is no longer a problem. You can maneuver around the market to build a risk free library of your choice.

More application support is present with a jailbreak. There are already a good number of applications support by Sony. So imagine if you could double that and more. To add to the never ending library you can create, you can partner them with countless apps.

MKV video format is now possible too. Not possible for any non-jailbroken PS3 or PS4, you can now enjoy this content. It’s always a good thing to have plenty of video playback options on your game systems. So we have provided an extra one to give you all the options you need.

This process is 100% safe and all details are on the website to provide the smoothest experience. You should be able to get up and running within minutes once following all the listed steps. Visit any of the other pages to find out more that you need to know, and if you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.