PS4 vs Xbox One

The current generation of systems see’s Sony and Microsoft once again competing. Both desire to grab a firm hold on the same demographic in the games industry. Both also have big reputations with many rabbits in the hat to throw at consumers.

 PS4 vs Xbox One


Online gameplay has become one of the key features gamers look to in the modern day. It’s essential that people can play trouble free with their friends. Gone are the days that 4-player split screen from the Nintendo 64 days ruled the world. Now, we have party chats, match making and streaming in the picture. Microsoft took a head start with Xbox Live being far superior to the online offering the PS2 had. When the PS3 arrived, things improved but still lagged behind the 360’s juggernaut service. PlayStation Plus now has evened the field a lot now, especially since the PS4’s arrival. Free games each month, party chat, much more stable online play. Many of the things Microsoft boasted with, now on both systems. Xbox’s ‘free games with gold’ has taken a leaf from Sony’s book, so it works both ways. They both work to exceptional standards on both systems. Microsoft still hold the more rich, experienced service right now. But Sony have closed the gap and the performance is around on a par these days.


Exclusive Games

Library of games is the most important feature of any console. Without games, what’s the point? You can have all your fancy features but you need a good backlog to play with. Both have stellar franchises with millions of fans for each worldwide. But how do they stack up on the current systems? Xbox have played it quite safe, with many popular choices returning for many installments. PS4 as it stands has the superior lineup. One of the highlights, Bloodborne is a worthy addition to any system. Halo, Gears of War and Forza are all great, but original titles are shining on the PS4.



Sony have finally shaken up the design of the classic dualshock. With the dualshock 4 stepping away from the familiar look, but improving on it in many ways. Xbox One controller has a refined yet similar look. Both improve on previous designs, as expected. The dualshock 4 to me is the more comfortable choice. The Xbox One does have an ‘elite’ option which provides superior control options. Both are great to use, but from original releases the Dualshock 4 is the finer controller to use.



The power of both systems are the top two in the business. The PS4 released as the more powerful option. The newer released PS4 Pro once again ups that with 4K HDR support. Microsoft will be jumping into the next gen first with their teased ‘Scorpio’ system. But for now the PS4 does stand taller as the more powerful option of the two. It is a similar case to the PS3/360 though in which most games, especially 3rd party have little change.

Right now both have enormous user bases and for good reason. The PS4 is winning in sales by a large margin, taking this generation as a comeback from the last one. Both have their many pro’s and some flaws. Either choice is fine, but Sony’s system is the more popular choice amongst gamers right now.