Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will cover many of the questions that visitors ask here. We hope that they will cover all the necessary angles from the more important issues. We have selected some of the most relevant questions out there to do our best to support. If you have any questions please visit our About page to read more about us.


Q. Why is this software free of charge?
A. The advertisements attached to the software enables us to offer this to everyone with no charge on top. We would rather not charge extra for this, making it more accessible to all gamers. We are passionate about games, so the chance to build upon a game system is exciting for us. Bringing an experience to the table that enhances how a games console works is one of our goals.

Q. What can I do if it doesn’t work for me?
A. There are many options for that scenario. The first port of call should be to check out the steps listed on the website. Even on this page, there may be some answered questions relevant to your problem. If none of that is of any use to you, feel free to visit the contact page. Within 48 hours you will receive a response from a member of the team to help further.

Q. Will the jailbreak be permanent?
A. Yes, once done your system will be jailbroken for good. This isn’t a bad thing though, as you could just avoid the use of the features if you please. You aren’t forced to use anything a jailbreak offers you, but there is no disadvantage in doing so. Your console will not suffer any setbacks from the jailbreak, so there will be no problems.

Q. Can this software cause my account to get banned?
A. No, this should not happen. We have designed the software to avoid detection from your systems OS. There is no reason for your account to ever come under any sort of scrutiny. The way it works, is that all activity is protected within our servers. More complex actions will be masked within the software, so that you can use it without worry.

Q. Is it easy to install?
A. It is a simple process to get it up and running on your system. All that’s needed is some details from you to get the process up and running. From there we will provide you with everything you need to do to get the software on the console of your choice. There are no over complex procedures needed to gain the benefits of a jailbreak. There will be no need to store it on a storage device, or figure out anything solo. Everything that we display on this website should push you towards a simple usage of what we offer.

We hope that these questions have satisfied any complex issues out there. There is plenty we can do to try to resolve any difficulties, but for now this is the best place to visit first off. If your problem’s solved, then go and enjoy the software! If you have any remaining questions please contact us.