God of War III Walkthrough: Chapter 5- Cronos



Before proceeding inside Poseidon’s Chamber, open the two chests here. One should contain a Minotaur Horn.

As you enter Poseidon’s Chamber, head to the wheel that you can pull to your left. The door will open; Use the Save Point, and go to your right.

You will now meet the Poseidon Princess. Apparently it’s locked and there’s no way to get to her. Get the chest to your right hand side.

To the right side from the Poseidon’s Princess room, you should see bunch of Hyperion Gates. Get on the bottom right Hyperion Gate and you should land in the center gate. Hop into the lever that you see and pull it.

Hounds will start to spawn. Kick these hounds to the Hyperion Gate to your bottom right. Kick around four of them and that should lower the platform to your North. Get onto it and go to the Hyperion Gate on the bottom.

Have a scene with the Poseidon Princess and you will see her running towards the Hyperion Gate. Once the scene is done, to your right should be a godly possession; Poseidon’s Conch Shell.

In this room also lies the second Gorgon Eye. Don’t forget to open the treasure chest!

Back on the platform that moves, you now have to kill the Hounds. They come in two waves. Watch out for the Poseidon Princess. Try not to let her fall on those deadly spikes.

The Poseidon Princess will flee and the Stone Statue will be brought to life. Watch out for the statue’s hammer. They move slowly, so you have the advantage of spamming an attack to them. Continue to follow the Princess and you will meet more Shielded Sentries.

Continue leading her to the Wheel Room where you opened the door. When the enemies are all defeated, the Princess will run beside the wheel. Turn the Wheel one more time to open the game and Kratos will sacrifice the Princess so that he can get in.

Meet Pandora once again seeking for your help. It seems Zeus caught up with her! Time to find the Labyrinth.

Before leaving Poseidon’s Chamber, use Helios’ Head to uncover a secret treasure chest that contains a Phoenix Feather.

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