Is Dead Island Retro Revenge Worth Playing?


Infinite runners are an interesting genre, since it’s hard to really improve or change the established norms. They all have one concept, you constantly move forward, with their own take on getting there. Dead Island Retro Revenge gives its own take on the genre by adding zombies, some depth, a story and gameplay that’s easy to play, but hard to master. With so much going on, is Dead Island Retro Revenge worth experiencing or is it trying to cash in on the Dead Island name?

Dead Island Retro Revenge starts by making it clear that it isn’t a serious game. The story is that some bad men have taken your beloved cat and you need to go save him. There isn’t much more to the story, but it’s more than enough to justify running around killing zombies.


The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward. There are various enemies, said enemies pose different threats, such as exploding on contact, attacking at range, moving faster or being immune to specific attacks and your goal is to get from one point to another defeating as many as possible. Based off how precise your attacks are, the amount of damage you take and so forth will determine your score. Mastering Dead Island Retro Revenge is probably the best part, as you can easily complete a level scoring a few thousand points, with a perfect run offering over five times as many points.

Not only does this leave a lot of room to improve, it makes improving exciting. From there you can compete with others for leaderboard spots or just try your luck with different skills to remove bothersome threats or easy points.


If there is a downside to Dead Island Retro Revenge, its that there really isn’t much to see or experience. After 20 or so minutes you’ll probably see it all and can make the choice to either keep playing or move onto the next thing. Since there isn’t anything that makes it stand out next to other infinite runners, its value hinges on how badly you want to play a game like this on a console and your love for zombies. So if you’re really into the genre or just like mindlessly fighting zombies, give it a go, but if you’re expecting something as deep or fun as Dead Island, you’ll probably be disappointed.

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